The Man With A Magnifying Glass – Rembrandt


As has been said in the note on Number 2, The Lady with a Pink, of which it is the companion picture, this work is believed by Dr. Valentiner to represent Titus, the son of Rembrandt, and to have been painted in 1668. There is even a greater difference in this case between the apparent age of the sitter and that of the person whom it is said to represent; Titus died in 1668, in his twenty-eighth year, while the man in our painting appears to be forty-five or fifty at least.

When the Lady with a Pink was sold by Mr. Sedelmeyer to Rodolphe Kann in 188g, this picture was bought, at a price of 45,000 francs, by Maurice Kann, the brother of the latter, from whose collection Mr. Altman acquired it in 1909. Both pictures were. shown by Mr. Altman at the Hudson-Fulton Exhibition at the Museum in the same year.