Principal Paintings By Mantegna With Their Present Locations

MANTEGNA’S wall-paintings are spoken of as frescos, but as a matter of fact they were executed in tempera upon a dry surface. Tempera was also the medium he invariably used for his easel-pictures.

AUSTRIA. VIENN A, IMPERIAL GALLERY: St. Sebastian—DENMARK. COPENHAGEN, MUSEUM: Christ upheld by Angels—ENGLAND. HAMPTON COURT, ROYAL GALLERY: Triumph of Cæsar —LONDON, NATIONAL GALLERY: Madonna with St. John and Mary Magdalene (Plate I); Agony in the Garden; Samson and Delilah; Triumph of Scipio—LONDON, OWNED BY LADY ASHBURTON: Adoration of the Magi —LONDON, OWNED BY DR. LUDWIG MOND: Holy Family – FRANCE. AIGUEPERSE, PUY-DE-DOME, CHURCH OF NOTRE DAME: St. Sebastian—PARIS, LOUVRE: Crucifixion ; Madonna of Victory (Plate vi); Parnassus; Triumph of Wisdom; Judgment of Solomon—PARIS, OWNED BY MADAME ANDRE-JACQUEMART: Madonna and Saints—TOURS, MUSEUM: Agony in the Garden; Resurrection—GERMANY. BERLIN GALLERY: Portrait of Cardinal Scarampi ; Presentation of Christ—BERLIN, OWNED BY HERR SIMON: Madonna and Child—DRESDEN, ROYAL GALLERY: Holy Family—IRELAND. DUBLIN GALLERY: Judith—ITALY. BERGAMO, CARRARA GALLERY: Madonna and Child—FLORENCE, UFFIZI GALLERY: Altar-piece in three parts; Madonna of the Quarries—MANTUA, CASTELLO, CAMERA DEGLI SPosi: [wall frescos] Lodovico Gonzaga and his Family; Meeting of Lodovico Gonzaga and Cardinal Francesco (Plate II); Winged Children with Tablet; [ceiling frescos] Figures leaning over Balustrade with playing Children; Medallions; Mythological Scenes — MILAN, BRERA GALLERY: Altar-piece of St. Luke with Saints and Pietà; The Dead Christ; Ma-donna and Child with Cherubs (Plate — MILAN, POLDI-PEZZOLI COLLECTION: Madonna and Child— MILAN, OWNED BY PRINCE TRIVULZIO: Altar-piece of Madonna and Saints – NAPLES, MUSEUM: St. Euphemia; Portrait of the Prothonotary Lodovico Gonzaga —PADUA, CHURCH OF SANT’ ANTONIO: [fresco over portal] St. Anthony and St. Bernard —PADUA, CHURCH OF THE EREMITANI, CHAPEL OF ST. JAMES AND ST. CHRISTOPHER: [frescos] St. James Baptizing; St. James before Herod Agrippa (Plate VII); St. James led to Execution; Martyrdom of St. James; Martyrdom of St. Christopher; Removal of the Body—VENICE, ACADEMY: St. George—VENICE, OWNED BY BARON FRANCHETTI: St. Sebastian—VENICE, QUERINI-STAMPALIA COLLECTION: Presentation of Christ—VERONA, CHURCH OF SAN ZENO: Madonna Enthroned with Saints—SPAIN. PRADO GALLERY: Death of the Virgin—UNITED STATES. BOSTON, COLLECTION OF MRS. JOHN L. GARDNER: Madonna and Child with Saints.



THE most exhaustive work on Mantegna that has yet appeared is Paul Kristeller’ s ‘Andrea Mantegna,’ translated into English by S. A. Strong (London, ’90 I). A brief and excellent study of the artist is by Maud Cruttwell (London,1901). Among other monographs may be mentioned those by Julia Cartwright (London, 1881), Paul Mantz (Gazette des Beaux-Arts, 1886), Henry Thode (Leipsic, 1897), and Charles Yriarte (Paris, 1901).

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( Originally Published 1905 )

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