Painter/Artist: Vittore Carpaccio

Venetian School. A follower first of the Vivarini and then of Gentile Bellini. His most important works are the nine great canvases painted in 1490-95 for the School of St. Ursula in Venice, and now in the Academy there, but much damaged and restored.



In a meadow St. Ursula, with four ladies standing by her, kneels to her father. To the right a palace, quay, and distant hills bordering on a large sheet of water on which are a boat and a distant vessel. At the bottom of the canvas is a parapet.

Layard Bequest, 1917.


ST. STEPHEN PREACHING AT JERUSALEM On the left side of a public square the preacher addresses a crowd attired in Eastern costumes. On the right is a group of women seated. In the background buildings with minarets, beyond a mountain landscape.


THE PRESENTATION IN THE TEMPLE A large altar-piece with around top. In an alcove, from the roof of which hangs an elaborate lamp, are standing, facing the centre, on the left the Virgin holding the Child, and two women behind her, on the right the aged Simeon, whose pallium is held up by a Cardinal, the head of another Cardinal being visible beyond. All are bareheaded except the Virgin. On the step below are seated three child angels in long robes, the centre one cross-legged, playing a large lute, the one on the left a pipe, and the one on the right a violin.

Painted for the Church of San Giobbe at Venice in 1510.