Painter/Artist: Vincenzo Catena

Venetian School. Vincenzo di Biagio, called Catena. A follower of Bellini and Giorgione, to whom his pictures have often been ascribed.


A WARRIOR ADORING THE INFANT CHRIST On the left the Virgin seated, holding the Child on her knees. In the centre a knight in armour kneeling to Him. Behind the Virgin St. Joseph leaning on a parapet, and on the right an esquire holding his master’s horse. Hilly landscape background.

“The most important, perhaps, of all his creations.”(C. and C.) Purchased, as a Giorgione, from the Collection of Samuel Woodburn, 1853.

ST. JEROME IN HIS STUDY Seated on a bench on the right, in crimson and blue, St. Jerome is reading at a desk. In the background are two cupboards and open window. On the floor a sleeping lion, a partridge, a pair of slippers, and a cardinal’s hat. Purchased, as a Giocanni Bellini, from the Alanfrini Gallery, Venice, 1862.

A replica is at Frankfurt.


THE HOLY FAMILY To the right St. Anne is seated with the Virgin in her lap, who holds the naked Child. St. Joseph stoops over a ” walking cradle.”On the ground are three partridges on the left, a little white dog on the right. Purchased in 1746 as a Perugino, though signed ” Andrs Sartus.” Formerly catalogued as by Sassoferrato from a drawing by Raphael.

“Of importance second only to the Adoring Wavrior.” (C. and C.)