Painter/Artist: Thomas Gainsborough

British School. Portrait and landscape painter. Most of his pictures are still in private ownership.


THE MARKET CART The horse and cart are passing towards the right through a shaded pool on the high-road. It is loaded with vegetables, on which two girls are seated. Two boys and a dog are walking alongside, and one or two other figures are at the roadside.

Purchased at Lord Gwydyr’s sale in 1829, and presented by the Governors of the British Institution.

MRS. SIDDONS The great actress is seated, three-quarter length, nearly in profile to the left, wearing a striped blue and white dress with buff shawl, and black hat with feathers; with her left hand she holds a brown muff.

Painted in 1784.

Purchased from Major Mair (husband of the actress’s grand-daughter) in 1862.

THE BAILLIE FAMILY A group of six full-length figures standing facing us in a garden. The mother seated in the centre, with the youngest child on her lap; to the left two girls; to the right the father leaning on the back of his wife’s chair, and in the right foreground a little boy.

Painted about 1784 for Air. James Baillie of Ealing Grove. Bequeathed by Mr. Alexander Baillie of Naples, and received by the gallery in 1868.

MISS MARGARET GAINSBOROUGH A young woman, bust length, nearly in profile to the left, in black silk dress trimmed with black lace over a white muslin fichu.


THE WATERING PLACE A thickly wooded landscape with a group of a few figures to the left. In the foreground to the right a man on a horse, with some cattle and goats, are standing in a pool of water. Evening sky.

Painted about 1775.

Presented by Lord Farnborough in 1827.

MUSIDORA. A young woman, full length, seated on the bank of a shaded stream with her right foot in the water as she loosens the sandal from the left, which rests on her right knee.

Robert Vernon Gift, 1847.


MRS. ROBINSON (“PERDITA”) Full length, seated on a bank against a woody background, full face, the feet to the left. She is in a dress with short sleeves, cut low at the neck: A Pomeranian dog is sitting at her left side. Her hands are in her lap, the left holding a miniature. Background of trees, with sky on the left. Mary Robinson appeared as Perdita in 1779, attracting the attention of the Prince of Wales (George IV.), and was his mistress for a year or two. In 1818 the Prince sent the portrait to the third Marquis of Hertford. Painted about 1780.

MISS HAVERFIELD Originally called The Morning Walk. A child in long dress and cloak and large hat walking towards us from a background of trees. Her two hands are tying the strings of her cloak.

Painted about 1780.


MRS. SHERIDAN AND MRS. TICKELL Mrs. Tickell is seated on a bank dressed in a yellowish dress cut low in front with sleeves to the elbow. Her bushy dark hair is dressed out from her head. She looks out at us with keen dark eyes. She holds a music book in her lap, her right hand turning over a page, and her left holding another book.

Mrs. Sheridan stands half behind her in a blue-green dress with short sleeves, and a black velvet band round her waist. She leans with her left elbow on the head of a long guitar or lute; her right hand crosses the other at the wrist and falls over it. She looks away towards the right woody background.

Painted at Bath, probably before 1772, where Thomas Linley, the father of the two ladies, was a leading musician.


THE HON. MRS. GRAHAM Whole length, standing, with her left elbow on the pedestal of two columns on the right. A fair young woman with oval face and almond shaped eyes in a crimson-rose-coloured skirt, and white satin bodice and polonaise, the folds of which are thrown over the edge of the pedestal and held daintily in the left hand. Her right hand hangs at her side carrying an ostrich feather. Her hair is powdered, and she wears a silver-grey hat with a white ostrich plume. To the left the background is a woody landscape under a grey sky.

Painted in 1775-76.

Bequeathed by Mr. Robert Graham of Redgorton in 1859 on condition it should never leave Scotland.