Painter/Artist: Stephen Lochner

School of Cologne. His earliest known work (c. 1430) is the Madonna and Child with the Violet in the Archbishop’s Museum at Cologne, and a Presentation in the Temple at Darmstadt is dated 1447.


THE MADONNA OF THE ROSE HEDGE The Virgin, a very young girl, is seated on the grass facing us, with the Child on her right knee, whose hand is raised in benediction. The Virgin wears a plain robe fastened with a circular brooch, and a large jewelled crown, both she and her Son have a large plain nimbus. Behind is a bed of flowers, about which four little angels hover. In the sky at the top corners are on the left the Father, and on the right the mystic Dove surrounded by cherubim.

Painted in 1496 for the Convent of San Donato degli Scopetini.