Painter/Artist: Sir Edwin Henry Landseer

British School. A skilful painter of animals from the human point of view.


DIGNITY AND IMPUDENCE An old bloodhound of the Duke of Grafton’s breed and a little Scotch terrier are sitting facing us in the same kennel-the latter in the righthand corner.

Bequeathed by Mr. Jacob Bell in 1859.

SHOEING THE BAY MARE A farrier is fitting a shoe on the near hind-foot of a bay mare in a forge. The mare is a portrait of ” Old Betty,” the property of Mr. Jacob Bell, for whom the picture was painted; she is standing in a way peculiar to her, and without a halter, as she would not tolerate one. Beside herapparently for companionship-are a donkey and a bloodhound, also portraits.

Exhibited R.A. 1844, and at the Paris Exhibition, I855. Bequeathed by Mr. Jacob Bell in 1859.

LAWRENCE (Sir Thomas), P.R.A., 1769-1830.

British School. The most successful portrait painter of his time.


A CHILD WITH A KID A little girl in a plain frock, bareheaded and barelegged, stands on a bank in the foreground of a hilly landscape, with a stream running through a valley. Her right arm rests on a tub; in the foreground to the right is a kid. Inscribed “Lady Georgiana Fane, 1800, aet. S.” Exhibited British Institution, 1830.

Bequeathed by Lady Georgiana Fane in 1875.