Painter/Artist: Paris Bordone

Venetian School. Born at Treviso, where many of his works are. His masterpiece is the Fisherman, noticed below.


DAPHNIS AND CHLOE. A Greek shepherd and shepherdess seated on a bank among some trees. Cupid is crowning the latter with a wreath of myrtle.

Purchased in Paris in 1860.


THE FISHERMAN PRESENTING THE RING OF ST. MARK TO THE DOGE. Along the right wall of a lofty portico (the left wall not being in the picture), opening at the back on to a vista of buildings, is ranged a dais approached by marble steps from the centre, in the middle of which the Doge sits with his Council on either side of him. He leans forward to take the ring from the fisherman, who is half kneeling on the steps with his right arm outstretched. At the foot of the steps is a group of nobles, facing us, headed by a portly magistrate in a robe of pink brocade, who bows to the Doge with his black cap in his hand. In the foreground sits a young gondolier with his foot on the prow of his boat, which is just within the lower edge of the canvas.

Signed and dated 1540.