Painter/Artist: Nicholas Maes

Dutch School. Pupil of Rembrandt.

THE IDLE SERVANT In the centre, facing us, stands the mistress pointing to the maid, who is seated on the right asleep. On the floor are strewed various kitchen utensils, and on a cupboard behind a cat is stealing a plucked duck. In the background on the left the family is seen at dinner in an inner room.

Signed and dated 1655.

Bequeathed by Mr. Richard Simmons in 1846. LONDON, WALLACE COLLECTION.

THE LISTENING HOUSEWIFE This very beautiful picture represents a pretty Friesland young woman, attired in the picturesque costume of the country, standing at the foot of a flight of stairs with a pitcher in her hand listening to the intrigues of two of her domestics, who are seen in a room at the end of an adjoining passage. At the summit of the stairs is a small apartment in which area lady and a gentleman. Various accessories contribute to the richness of the colouring and picturesque effect of this excellent picture.” (Smith.)


GRACE An elderly woman, sitting behind a very small table against a wall on the right, is saying grace before her simple meal. Her elbows rest on the arm of her wooden chair, her hands are joined, her eyes closed, and her lips slightly parted. She is dressed in a plain gown, with a white cap on her head and white kerchief round her neck. A couple of keys are hanging on the wall at her side, and in a niche are various small articles. A cat reaches up to claw the tablecloth in the right-hand corner.

THE DREAMER At a round-headed window in a stone wall, in a bright light from the left, a girl is leaning with her left elbow on a cushion on the sill, her chin between her forefinger and thumb, while her right hand rests on the front of the cushion. She is in a plain dress with white collar and a cap. She is looking downwards, rather as though watching something than (ascatalogued) “dreaming.” The shutter of the window, which is opened doorwise to the left, is painted red. Below the window on the wall are apricots.