Painter/Artist: Nicholas Lancret

French School. Pupil of Claude Gillot. Friend of Watteau, who took offence at Lancret’s too successful imitation of his own work.


THE FOUR AGES OF MAN Infancy.-To the right a little boy and girl dragging by long ribbons a stool on wheels on which a little girl in blue is seated. Thirteen figures under a portico.

Youth.-On the right a girl seated pulling up her stocking; a youth makes advances to her. In the centre a girl in white standing, being decked with flowers. On the left a youth in pink holding up a mirror to her. Seven figures.

Manhood.-On the right a man shooting with a bow into the air. In the centre another waiting his turn. On the left a youth sitting on the ground leaning against a girl. Ten figures.

Age.-In the right an old woman spinning by a barrel, another asleep by her side. In the centre an old man seated with a dog. On the left a girl laughingly repels the attentions of another old man. Six figures. Bequeathed by Lieut.-Colonel Ollney in 1837,


MDLLE. CAMARGO DANCING She faces us, standing on her right foot, the left slightly raised, and both arms extended. She wears a dress with a long skirt very wide at the hem. Garden background, with tall trees on either side; on the left a musician standing, on the right one or two people looking on.


An actress standing, whole length, facing us, looking downwards to the left, where she points with her right hand extended, the left being held to her breast. Background of sky, with a pedestal on the extreme left.


DANCING IN A PARK A large square piece (evidently designed for a decorative panel) in the manner of Watteau. On the extreme left and right are a lofty arch and a fountain, united by a low balustrade in the foreground, with a circular platform approached by three steps in the centre. Beyond is the park, with trees on either side; the whole scene is peopled with groups of elegantly dressed ladies and gentlemen. Two children and a dog are on the platform in the foreground.