Painter/Artist: Nicholas Berchem

Dutch School. Influenced by J. B. Weenix, and possibly by a visit to Italy, he preferred the conventional and artificial to the pure nature study of his great compatriots. A cattle-piece in miniature, at Dorchester House, has earned for itself the name of Dianmant de la Curioosite. His works are very numerous.


THE MUSICAL SHEPHERDESS “This beautiful pastoral scene represents a bold rocky coast under the appearance of the close of day. The rustics have ended their labours, and are recreating with music and dancing. A group composed of two peasants and two women occupies the foreground; one of the latter, attired in a blue mantle, is gaily striking a tambourine and dancing to the music; her companion, in a yellow dress, sits near her; the shepherds also are seated, and one of them appears to have just ceased playing a pipe which he holds. The goats are browsing near them. Painted in the artist’s most fascinating style.” (Smith.)