Painter/Artist: Moretto da Brescia


ST. BERNARDINO OF SIENA In the sky the Virgin and Child in glory are adored by St. Catherine and St. Claca. Below St. Bernardino holds aloft the name of Christ, and at the sides stand or kneel St. Nicholas of Bari, St. Jerome, St. Joseph, and St. Francis.

Probably painted as an altarpiece for some Veronese church. Purchased from Lord Northwick’s Collection in 1859.


ST. JUSTINA AND A KNIGHT In the centre of the foreground of an open landscape St. Justina, richly attired as a lady of the painter’s time, stands facing us, her head turned to our right as she looks down at a man who kneels beside her with joined hands and looks up at her. In her right hand is a palm branch, and her left grasps the edge of her brocaded cloak which she has thrown around her. At her right side in the left foreground is the forepart of a white unicorn lying down.

“Majestic beauty dwells in her face, and melody of silvery colours combines with soft and highly blended modelling to produce an impression of great freshness and brilliancy.”(C. and C.)