Painter/Artist: Marco Marziale

Venetian School. Pupil of Gentile Bellini.


THE CIRCUMCISION In a temple with round arches elaborately painted, the Virgin in red and blue stands facina to right in the centre, holding the Child on a cushion, facing Simeon, who performs the rite. To the left stands St. Joseph holding two pigeons. In all fifteen figures.

Signed with a monogram, and inscribed (in Latin), “Marco Marziale of Venice, by command of the Magnificent Signor Tommaso Raimondi, Knight and Jurisconsult, painted this work in the year 1500.”

Originally the principal altar-piece in the Church of San Silvestro, Cremona. Purchased at Milan in 1869.


CHRIST AT EMMAUS In the centre, behind a plain wooden table covered with a white cloth, set in the middle of a small room hung all round with green curtains, Christ is seated facing us, blessing the bread. At each end of the table, left and right, sits one of the pilgrims, the one on the right a very old man with a long beard. Behind the table stand on either side of Christ, on the left a negro, and on the right a servant in a long robe. Overhead is the flat ceiling with large beams in perspective.

Signed and dated 1506.

The naturalistic and somewhat ugly representation of the figures suggest German influence.