Painter/Artist: Marco Basaiti

Venetian School. Of Greek parentage. Assistant of Alvise Vivarini. Influenced by Giovanni Bellini, to whom many of his works have been attributed.


THE MADONNA OF THE MEADOW. The Virgin is sitting on the ground in a meadow adoring the Child, who lies asleep on her lap. Behind are some goats and cattle pasturing; in the background is a convent on a hill, with mountains in the distance, On the left is an eagle perched on a dead tr watching a contest between a stork and a snake at the foot of the tree.

Formerly ascribed to Giovanni Bellini, and still considered his by some authorities.

Purchased at Florence in 1858.


THE CALLING OF THE SONS OF ZEBEDEE. On the left, in front of high rocks, on the sandy shore of a lake, Christ stands between Peter and Andrew, His hand raised in benediction towards James, who kneels on one knee before Him. Behind James stands his brother John, and in the forepart of their fishing boat, in the extreme right foreground, their father Zebedee. All, except Christ, who is in a long robe, are bare-legged and bare-headed. The scene is painted in bright sunlight from the right.

Signed and dated “MDX. MARCUS BAXAITI.”

Painted for the Church of Sant, Andrea della Certosa, Venice.

CHRIST ON THE MOUNT. The scene is viewed through a round archway at the back of a vaulted portico, from the ceiling of which hangs a lamp-strangely modern in character-while on either side of the opening stand St. Francis (left) and St. Dominic. Christ kneels, towards the right, on a mass of rock in the centre, at the base of which are huddled together the sleeping figures of the three disciples.

Signed and dated 1510. Painted for the altar of the Foscari in the Church of San Giobbe, Venice.