Painter/Artist: Lorenzo Veneziano


THE ANNUNCIATION A triptych. On the central panel is the Virgin seated on the right, her hands crossed on her breast, and Gabriel on the left, kneeling, in blue robe and rose-coloured mantle. On the left panel are the Baptist and St. Nicholas, and on the right St. James and St. Stephen.

Painted in 1371 for the Scuola di San Giovanni Evangelista.

THE ALTARPIECE OF THE ANNUNCIATION A very large and elaborate ” ancona,” forming in two tiers eighteen panels.

In the lower tier on the large central panel is the Virgin seated, facing us, turning slightly to receive the message from Gabriel, who kneels close to her on the left. Overhead in the point of the arch are the symbols of the Father and the Holy Spirit. In the right foreground is the tiny kneeling figure of Domenico Lion, for whom the work was executed. In the side compartments are full-length figures of saints.

In the upper tier on the central panel is the Father, half length, and in the side compartments half-length figures of saints. This portion has been assigned to Benedetto Diana and to Bissolo.

Painted in 1357 for the Church of St. Antonio di Castello.