Painter/Artist: Lorenzo Costa

School of Ferrara. Influenced by Cosimo Tura.


THE MADONNA AND CHILD ENTHRONED WITH SAINTS A large altar-piece in five panels. In the central arched compartment is the Virgin enthroned with the Child on her knee, His hand raised in benediction. On each side is an adoring angel, and at the base of the throne two playing musical instruments. In the lower compartments, right and left, are St. John the Evangelist and St. Peter full length; and above St. Philip and the Baptist half length.

Signed and dated 1505. Formerly over the principal altar of the Oratorio delle Grazie at Faenza.

Purchased in 1859.


THE PRESENTATION IN THE TEMPLE In the very centre of this large square picture stands the Virgin with the Child in her arms, fronting us, between St. Joseph and the aged Simeon. Behind them is a small altar under a plain canopy raised on several steps. On each side of the altar is a choir-boy, and next to him a Levite with a long staff; while on the lower steps, on the extreme left and right, are a male and a female figure each holding a plate. In the foreground are kneeling on the left a sibyl holding a tablet with Hebrew lettering, and on the right a prophet with joined hands.


THE COURT OF ISABELLA D’ESTE In the foreground are seated two girls, one in red crowning a bull, the other in blue fondling a lamb. To the left St. George and the dragon, to the right a woman, draped from the waist downwards, with a bow and arrows. Behind these figures, under a clump of trees, Cupid, standing on the knees of a nymph, is crowning Isabella, who is bending before him. They are surrounded by a group of poets, musicians, and philosophers.

Painted about 1510.

( Originally Publihed 1910 )