Painter/Artist: Joseph Ribera

Spanish School. Studied at Rome.


THE DEAD CHRIST The body reclines across the foreground on a white sheet, the torso on the right supported by St. John, who bends over the head. Behind, in the centre, the Virgin kneels facing to the right, with clasped hands. On the left Mary Magdalene kneels facing us to kiss Christ’s feet.

Presented by Mr. D. Barclay in 1835.


ADORATION Or THE SHEPHERDS In the centre the Child lying on a white cloth in a wooden cradle filled with straw, looking up to right at a tall bearded shepherd in a sheep’s-skin coat, who is half kneeling in profile to left in adoration. The mother kneels behind the cradle with joined hands facing us, her glance heaven enwards. Between her and the first shepherd is another, also bearded bending over the cradle, with hands crossed on his breast, and to the extreme left behind the Virgin a third, who raises his cap in his right hand -d with bent elbow. Behind on the right an angel. In front of the cradle lies a dead lamb. Background a mountain landscape.

Signed and dated 1650.