Painter/Artist: Joseph Israels

Dutch School. An admirer of Rembrandt. His principal pictures are studies of the life and setting of Dutch fishermen.


THE SHIPWRECKED MARINER The scene is a flat rushy shore, while out at sea to the right is seen the wrecked boat from which the body has been recovered, and is being carried by two sailors towards the left. The dead man’s mother walks beside them, and a procession of fishermen and women-one of them with two children-accompanies them.

Presented by Mrs. Alexander Young, 1910.


THE FRUGAL MEAL A peasant and his wife seated on the left and right of a small wooden table in a cottage room, each dipping a spoon into a bowl of steaming potatoes. Between them on our side of the table is a large wicker cradle on a high wooden frame in perspective. On the left, beside the father’s chair, a little child sits eating from a plate in his lap, and farther to the left two more are standing at a stool eating from another plate. In the foreground a hen pecking at a morsel on the tiled floor. On the right half the fireplace is seen, with crockery on the chimney-piece. Strong sunlight falls from the left on to the central group.

Presented by the sons of James Reid.