Painter/Artist: John Singleton Copley

British School. Born at Boston, U.S.A., of British parents.

LONDON, NATIONAL GALLERY. (Omitted from the new catalogue.)

THE DEATH OF CHATHAM. (On loan to House of Lords.) The scene represented took place in the old House of Lords (the Painted Chamber), April 7, 1778. The peers are in their state robes. The heads, of which there are fifty-five, are all portraits.

Painted in 1779-80, and presented to the National Gallery in I828 by the Earl of Liverpool. Nos. 1072 and 1073 are small studies for this picture.

THE DEATH OF MAJOR PIERSON Painted in 1783 for Alderman Boydell as a companion picture to the above. Major Pierson was killed in an engagement with some French troops at St. Heliers, Jersey, in 1781. The chief incident represented is the carrying of his body out of the fight.