Painter/Artist: John Phillip

British School. Born at Aberdeen. Three times visited Spain, where his most successful work was painted.


“LA GLORIA” A representation of a Spanish “wake” on the death of an infant. On the left through a curtain is seen the interior of the house where the dead child lies. At the doorway sits the mother heedless of the festivities which are going on in the bright sunlight outside. The principal figures in the centre are a dancing girl in a pink gown and white petticoats and her partner, who stands posturing just beyond her. In the background on the right is a house, from the balcony of which two people watch the proceedings; and in the centre, over a street, the child’s bird released from its cage, which hangs above the mother’s head, is seen flying away.

Signed and dated 1865,

Purchased at Sir John Pender’s sale for 5,000 guineas.