Painter/Artist: John Constable

British School. A student of Nature, whose influence on landscape painting in England and France during the nineteenth century was paramount.


THE CORNFIELD, OR COUNTRY LANE The field of ripe corn is seen in the middle distance between two groups of lofty trees on either side of the lane. In the foreground on the left lies a boy drinking from a stream; his sheep and dog are in the centre. Signed and dated 1826.

Presented by an association of gentlemen, who purchased it from the artist’s executors in 1837.

THE VALLEY FARM A view of the farm-house which belonged to Willy Lott, near Flatford Mill, on the Stour, in Essex. In the left foreground is a shallow stream, with a man and a woman in a punt, and some cattle.

Signed. Exhibited Royal Academy 1835. Robert Vernon Gift, 1847.

Now at the Tate Gallery, and no longer included in the National Gallery Catalogue.

THE HAY WAIN In the foreground is a shallow stream through which a waggon with two men in it is passing. On the left a cottage with trees. On the right a man fishing. In the middle distance green meadows with woodland beyond. Stormy sky with drifting clouds. Signed and dated 1821.

Exhibited Royal Academy 1821.

Sold to a Frenchman and exhibited at the Salon held in the Louvre in 1824, when it obtained a gold medal.

Henry Vaughan Gift, 1886.

THE CENOTAPH. A picture of the cenotaph erected to the memory of Sir Joshua Reynolds in Cole Orton Park by Sir George Beaumont. It stands amidst lofty oaks and beeches, flanked by two stone pedestals with busts of Michelangelo and Raphael. A stag is seen by a pool of water beside the tomb.

Painted about 1836.

Bequeathed by Miss Isabel Constable in 1888.