Painter/Artist: Jean Honore Fragonard

French School. Pupil of Boucher, and for a short time of Chardin. Except for a huge canvas at the Louvre – ‘Coresus and Callirhoe’ – and a large picture of ‘Le Foire de St. Cloud’ at the Banque de France, all his works are small pieces of delicate poetical charm, like those with which we are familiar at Hertford House.


THE SWING The swing hangs from a tree in a shady corner of a garden. A young lady in loose summer attire has been ” swung ” forward into the sun light, and a courtier lying hid in the shrubbery is looking up at her from the left foreground.

Painted in 1766 for Baron St. Julien, who suggested the subject.

LE CHIFFRE D’AM0UR A young lady stands in profile to right carving an initial letter on the trunk of a large tree, under which, on a low stone bench, a little dog sitson its haunches looking up at her. She is bareheaded, in a plain red silk gown with a full skirt.