Painter/Artist: Jean Baptiste Camille Corot

French School. Painter of landscapes and small figure pieces. About ninety of these are now in the Louvre.


MACBETH AND THE WITCHES A landscape with tall shady trees on a bank rising to the right. In the left foreground are the small figures of the three witches standing close together; on the right Macbeth and Banquo. Exhibited at the Paris Salon in 1869.


PASTORALE-SOUVENIR D’ITALIE An ideal landscape, with the bushy stem of a huge poplar rising in the centre, and another to the right; beyond, to the left, a lake from which the ridge of a hill slopes up to the right. In the arch-like space between the trees in the foreground three nymphs are dancing, and another approaching them; to the right, one reclining on an outspread rug; and to the left, a fantastic figure in a hairy girdle clanging cymbals.