Painter/Artist: Jan Gossart de Mabuse

Netherlandish School. Probably worked at Antwerp until in 1508 he went to Rome. Returning in 1509, he settled in Brussels.


THE ADORATION OF THE KINGS The Virgin is seated in the centre, turned slightly to the right, with the Child on her right knee. Her left hand holds the chalice, given by Caspar, who kneels at her left side. Farther to the right stands Melchior in a golden coat and green robe. On the left stands Baltazar in a red mantle, his page behind him. Other figures stand among the pillars in the ruined stable, while beyond are seen the ass, two peasants, and a distant town. On the right a hill with some horsemen. On the pavement in a fore ground two dogs. Above are nine angels.

Probably painted about 1500 for the Abbey of St. Adrian at Grammont. Acquired about a century later by the Archduke Albert, Governor of the Netherlands, and placed over the altar in the palace at Brussels.

Purchased from the Countess of Carlisle in 1911, having been acquired by the fifth Earl of Carlisle at the end of the eighteenth century.


DIPTYCH Two panels of a diptych. On the one the bust portrait of a man, slightly to right, with hands joined in prayer, in a blue gown and grey cloak trimmed with fur. On the frame, “Representacion de Messire Iehan Carondelet hault doyen de Besanqon en son age de 48. Fait L’an 1517.” On the other panel the Virgin, nearly full face, bust length. She has fair curly hair, and holds the Child, whose hand is resting on her throat. She is in a green gown, with a red mantle over her left shoulder.


ST. LUKE PAINTING THE VIRGIN The painter, in a long, loose gown, kneels towards the left at a desk in the centre of a chapel of Renaissance architecture. An angel stands behind him, and guides his brush over the portrait which lies on the desk. On the left, apparently in front of the altar, is a vision of the Virgin and Child in clouds surrounded by five child angels, two of whom hold a crown over the Virgin’s head.


THE AGONY IN THE GARDEN In the centre of a broken rocky landscape lit by a waning moon Christ in a long plain robe kneels to the left with clasped hands. In the foreground on the right St. Peter reclines against a rock asleep, a sword at his side ; and on the left another disciple reclines and a third is seated, both sleeping. In the background to the right is the city, from which Judas and the soldiers are seen approaching. A small angel hovers below the moon on the left.

Probably painted before the artist’s visit to Rome.