Painter/Artist: Jacques Louis David

French School. “Painter to the Revolution.”


MADAME RECAMIER A full-length figure in a plain white robe resting on a sofa ” with her feet up,” her left elbow behind her on the uppermost of two bolster cushions, her right arm extended along her body, her bare feet crossed. Her head and glance are turned towards us. Behind her, on the left, is a standard candlestick, and in front of the sofa at her feet a low wooden stool. Otherwise the room is entirely bare of all furniture or ornament whatsoever.

Painted about 1800.


THE DEATH OF MARAT The victim has been struck as he sits up writing in a long bath across which (on our right) a table-board has been placed. The body, in profile towards the right, falls over towards us, the right arm still holding a quill pen hanging over the side of the bath. The head is bound with a cloth. The left hand rests on the table holding a letter inscribed: “Du 13 juillet, 1793. Marie-Anne-Charlotte Corday au Citoyen Marat.” On the floor is a blood-stained knife. Plain wall background.

Presented by the painter’s family to the Brussels Museum in 1893, exactly a century after it was submitted to the National Convention at their sitting, November 14, 1793.