Painter/Artist: Giovanni Cariani

Venetian School. An imitator of Titian, Giorgione, and others, to whom several of his works have long been ascribed.


THE MADONNA AND CHILD WITH SAINTS The Virgin, half length, seated with the Child on her lap. Her right hand rests on the shoulder of St. Mary Magdalene, who kneels in adoration on the left in a richly brocaded robe and mantle. Behind her stands St. Barbara (?) holding a lamp and a palm-branch. On the right, St. Joseph, in a pale yellow pallium, stands resting on his staff, which is represented as blossoming. Below kneels a boy, probably the youthful donor, in a black gown. Mountain background with some buildings. Purchased at Milan in 1886.

LA VIERGE AUX LAURIERS The Virgin (three-quarter length) is seated with her head turned slightly to the left, holding the Child on a cushion on her lap. Behind is a laurel, and to the left a rose bush. Background an open landscape.

From the Leuchtenberg Collection, and there ascribed to Giorgione. Salting Bequest.

THE BRAVO Two half-length figures nearly filling the canvas against a plain back ground. The one on the left is a young man crowned with vine leaves, facing half to left. The other, with his back to us, clutches him by the collar with his right hand, holding his left with a knife in it behind his back.

This was for long attributed to Giorgione.


THE WOMAN TAKEN IN ADULTERY Composition of eight figures, in which the woman, in rich garments, is being dragged by her eager accusers before Christ, who is in the act of interposing, and with His hand moving one of the men aside and releasing the woman from his grasp. To the right is a man with his back to us. This picture is a free repetition of No. 126 in the Carrara Gallery, Bergamo, ascribed to Cariani; and although Dr. Waagen was ” inclined to consider it a fine work of the middle period of Giorgione,” and has been followed by Dr. Bode, Sir Walter Armstrong, and Mr. Herbert Cook, yet the modern editor of Crowe and Cavalcaselle (Dr. Tancred Bonenius), passes the authors’ confident and reasoned attribution to Cariani without comment.