Painter/Artist: Giovanni Boltraffio

School of Milan. Follower of Leonardo da Vinci.


THE MADONNA AND CHILD. The Child, lying on His mother’s lap, has just turned away from her breast, and is looking out of the picture. Landscape background on either side of a broad hanging of green and gold.

Formerly attributed to Verrocchio, but described by Waagen as a “most beautiful picture by the rare master, Boltraffio.”


THE MADONNA OF THE CASIO FAMILY. In the foreground of a flat landscape the Virgin is seated, facing us, holding the Child on her right knee. To the left, Girolamo Casio, an elderly man, is kneeling with clasped hands to the Child, and behind him stands the tall figure of St. John the Baptist supporting his crowned staff with his right hand. To the right kneels Giacomo Casio, the son, between whom and the Virgin stands St. Sebastian, nude save for a loin cloth, his hands bound to a tree behind him. In the sky overhead is a cherub playing a mandoline.