Painter/Artist: Giambattista Cima Da Conegliano

Venetian School. Pupil of Bartolommeo Montagna, and influenced by Giovanni Bellini. His works are numerous.


THE VIRGIN AND CHILD The Virgin is sitting on a marble seat, turning slightly to the left; the Child stands on her knee, striding forward, as she holds Him with both hands. Hilly landscape background.

Inscribed IOANNES BAPTISTA P. Purchased in Paris in 1858.

THE VIRGIN OF THE GOLDFINCH The Virgin is seated, turned slightly to the right, the Child standing on her knees holding a goldfinch. Landscape background. Signed IOANES BAPTISTA CONEGLAS P.

Another version is at Berlin, No. 17. Purchased from M. Beaucousin in 1860.

THE INCREDULITY OF ST. THOMAS Christ and eleven of the Apostles are assembled in a room with two arched windows, through which is seen a distant landscape.

Ordered in 1497, and completed in 1504, for the altar of 5t. Thomas in the Church of San Francesco at Portogruaro.

The same subject, but quite differently treated, is No. 611 in the Venice Academy. Christ is there standing under an arch, between St. Thomas on the left and St. Magnus in episcopal vestments on the right.

Purchased from the Hospital of San Francesco of Portogruaro in 1807.


ST. CATHERINE OF ALEXANDRIA A whole-length figure of the Saint, full face, standing on a low marble pedestal between two pilasters, with a fine landscape background. Her left hand holds her mantle to her side, her right, holding a long palm branch erect, rests on a fragment of the wheel.

Painted in 1502 for the altar of S. Rocco at Mertre, near Venice. The round top is in private hands, and the two wings, with the figures of SS. Sebastian and Roch, are in the Museum of Strasburg.

“A fine Cima of the strong stamp of 1502, the flesh slightly retouched.” (C. and C.)


THE MADONNA UNDER THE ORANGE TREE With a round top. The Virgin is seated in the centre on a small clump of rock, the Child on her left knee turning towards St. Louis, who stands on the right. The Virgin looks towards St. Jerome, an old man with very dark skin and long white beard, who approaches her from the left. Behind her rises an orange tree, and in the left background is a city on a hill. Painted for the Church of S. Chiara at Murano, Venice.