Painter/Artist: George Romney

British School. A serious rival to Reynolds and Gainsborough as a fashionable portrait painter, but incapable of otherwise realising his undoubted genius as an artist.


THE PARSON’S DAUGHTER Bust portrait of a girl looking to left, with a mass of curly auburn hair slightly powdered and tied over her forehead with a green ribbon. She wears a plain brown dress with a wide, soft white neckerchief.

Purchased from the collection of Mr. J. H. Anderson in 1879.


MRS. MARK CURRIE Full length, seated facing us on a terrace, her left arm on the plinth of a stone balustrade, both hands resting in her lap. She is in a white muslin dress with short sleeves and a plaited fichu of the same material. A pale pink sash and ribbons. Her fair hair, slightly powdered, is dressed in copious clusters falling to her shoulders.

Painted in 1789

Purchased from the Rev. Sir Frederick Currie, Bart., of Uckfield, Sussex, in 1897.


MRS. ROBINSON (PERDITA) Bust length to left, the head slightly bent forward and the eyes meeting ours. She is in a cloak and cap, and holds a muff to her breast.

Painted in 1781, and engraved in mezzotint by J. R. Smith.

Purchased by the second Marquis of Hertford in 1810 for twenty guineas.