Painter/Artist: George Morland

British School. Painter of landscape and animals; also of domestic subjects, many of which were engraved.


THE INSIDE OF A STABLE Two horses and a pony are being led by a youth into a stable from a doorway on the right through which the light falls. To the left a man is stooping to gather up some straw.

This is one of the largest of Morland’s pictures, and is usually considered his masterpiece. It was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1791, and engraved by the artist’s brother-in-law, William Ward, in 1792. Presented by Mr. Thomas Birch Wolfe in 1877.


A VISIT TO THE BOARDING SCHOOL In a room opening on to the garden by a large door on the left the schoolmistress stands facing us, with two children at her side, who have just entered to greet their mother, who sits on the right with her hands out towards them. Beyond her, seated, is a young woman, and two little girls are peeping in at the open door.

Engraved in coloured mezzotint by William Ward in 1789.