Painter/Artist: George Frederick Watts


PSYCHE Full length, nude, facing us. A young girl standing beside her couch, her hands at her sides, looking down in despair at a feather from the wing of Eros, who has flown away.

Painted and exhibited at the Grosvenor Gallery in 1880.

Purchased by the Chantrey Trustees, 1882.

MAMMON The god of riches, with ears of an ass, robed in gold brocade and crowned, sits on a red throne which is adorned with skulls, his money bags lying in his lap. With heavy hand he crushes the head of a young girl, whose garment has fallen from her; his foot rests on the body of a naked youth. Background a crimson curtain.

Painted in 1885.

Presented by the artist, 1897.

“FOR HE HAD GREAT POSSESSIONS” A three-quarter length figure of a man in a long robe and a turban turning away from us towards an open window, his head sunk low on his breast.

Signed and dated, 1895.

Presented by the artist, 1897.

THE MINOTAUR Half man, half bull, he gazes from the battlements of a hill tower, awaiting his annual tribute of maidens; he crushes a little bird under his hand. Presented by the artist, 1897.

DEATH CROWNING INNOCENCE A winged figure of death is seated facing us, with a little child lying in its lap.

Presented by the artist, 1897.

JONAH The gaunt prophet stretches out his arms in denunciation; behind him on the blood-stained walls of the city are graven symbols of the vices of the times; on the highest range horse-racing and betting; on the middle, Mammon with his money bags, his worshippers grovelling before him; behind the god, the priest of the temple; on the lowest Bacchus, his victims in a drunken heap before him.

Signed and dated, 1895

Presented by the artist, 1897.

THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTIANITY The Loving Spirit high above earth regards with sorrow the dissensions of the Churches, and shelters beneath his ample ruby robes those little ones who should have been protected by love and charity through the teaching of the Churches.

Painted and exhibited Royal Academy in 1875.

Presented by the artist, 1897.

HOPE A young girl, blindfold and with bowed head, seated on a globe playing upon a lyre with but one string. The whole picture is of a wonderful blue tone.

Painted in I885.

Presented by the artist, 1897.