Painter/Artist: Gabriel Metsu

Dutch School. Born at Leyden. Pupil of Dou.


THE MUSIC LESSON A lady holding a piece of music seated towards the left, profile right, at an open virginal; facing her on the right a man in blue hose, a glass of wine in his hand. On the wall in the background are two pictures, A Twelfth Night, by Metsu, in a gilt, and a Ruisdael in an ebony frame. On the lid and edge of the virginal is a Latin inscription.

Purchased with the Peel Collection in 1871.


THE VEGETABLE MARKET In the foreground to the left a woman (presumably a cook) is standing with arms akimbo abusing a market woman seated beside a barrow of vegetables. In the centre stands facing us a housewife in a yellow dress, with white apron and cap, with a pail hung over her arm, conversing with a young man. On the right is a spaniel barking at a cock on the top of a wicker cage. Behind these, under a large shady tree to the left, is a peasant with another wicker cage, a man in a large black hat, and (to the right) a Turk paying for a glass of wine. Beyond is the canal, and a background of red brick houses fronting it.


THE FEAST OF THE BEAN KING An exceptionally broad and simple treatment of this popular theme with only four principal figures and two small children. On the left side of the small dinner-table the father, with a paper crown on his head, leans back in his wooden armchair as he empties a very long thin glass, holding his napkin up to his beard with his right hand. On the other side is his wife with a little child at her side in a baby chair, and beyond her an older woman holding a stone jug from which the glass has been filled. Behind the table is a small child, and all eyes are fixed on the father. In the background is a fiddler in cap and bells.