Painter/Artist: Frederick Walker


THE PLOUGH Two grey horses drawing a wooden plough to left across a field separated from us by a small stream, and backed by a chalk cliff which glows pink in the sunset. A man is driving the plough; and a boy is at the near horse’s head. The sunlight also catches a heavy cloud over the cliff, beyond which on the right is seen the moon ” the wrong way round.”

Exhibited Royal Academy, 1870. Presented by Lady Wernher in 1917.


THE VAGRANTS An autumn scene. In the centre a gipsy woman with an infant in her arms sits over a faggot fire, the smoke from which drifts across the fore ground. On the left a little girl supports her young brother, while an older boy stoops forward to feed the flame with brushwood. On the right stands a tall gipsy woman watching the fire. On the left a two-wheeled cart stands by the hillside. A pool or flooded meadow lies to the right surrounded by woodland.

Signed with initials. Painted in 1868.

THE HARBOUR OF REFUGE On the left, at the end of a terrace wall which runs round a quadrangular group of red-brick almshouses (studied at Bray, near Maidenhead), one of the inmates, an old woman, leans on the arm of her daughter; in the middle of the quadrangle is a statue on a stone pedestal, at the base of which other pensioners sit or stand. On the right, in the foreground, a young labourer is mowing the daisy-sprinkled grass; beyond is a thorntree in full blossom. In the centre of the background the ivy-grown gable of the almshouse chapel rises above the adjoining buildings. The sky is suffused with the yellow glow of sunset.

Painted in 1872.