Painter/Artist: Franciabigio

Florentine School. Pupil of Piero di Cosimo; worked with Andrea del Sarto.


PORTRAIT OF A YOUNG MAN Half length and slightly to left, with long hair, in black habit and cap; on his breast the cross of Malta, in his hands an open letter. Landscape background. On a ledge below is the inscription, Tar: Vblia: Chi: Bien: Eima (Slowly forgets he who loves well), with the painter’s monogram at either end.

Purchased from Mr. W. Fuller Maitland in 1878


THE MADONNA DEL POZZO. The Virgin seated, turned slightly to the left, with the Child on her right arm, stretching out her left hand to the little St. John, who offers a scroll to the Child. Landscape background; to the left some ruins and a group of figures round a well, from which the picture derives its name. Formerly attributed to Raphael.