Painter/Artist: Ford Madox Brown

British School. A friend of the Pre Raphaelites.


CHRIST WASHING ST. PETER’S FEET On the right St. Peter, in a purple tunic and breen mantle, sits with clasped hands stretching his feet towards the Saviour, who, draped in a bluish grey robe, kneels to wash them in a copper dish. In the background is a table covered with a white cloth, around which the disciples sit in various watc:hinb attitudes. To the extreme left of the group at a corner of the table Judas, with the money bag before him, stoops to unloosen the sandal from his foot.

Signed and dated 1852. Retouched in 1856, 1872, and 1892. Another version is in the Art Gallery at Manchester.

Presented by subscribers, 1893.