Painter/Artist: Filippino Lippi

Florentine School. Son of Filippo Lippi. Pupil of Botticelli, to whom several of his works have at times been assigned.


THE VIRGIN AND CHILD WITH SEVEN SAINTS The Virgin, seen at full length, is seated suckling the Child between St. Jerome on the left and St. Dominic on the right, both of whom are kneeling, the latter with a lily in his left hand and a book in his right, which he is reading, while the former looks upwards with clasped hands. Landscape background, with rocks and trees on the left and hills on the right.

Below, in a predella, are the dead Christ supported by St. Joseph of Arimathea and half figures of St. Francis and the Magdalene.

Painted for the Rucellai Chapel in the Church of San Panerazio, Florence.

Purchased from the Cavaliere Giuseppe Rucellai in 1857.


THE VIRGIN ENTHRONED The Virgin, of slender and graceful shape, holds the Child, who grasps a book as He looks at St. Victor, who stands with St. John the Baptist on the left, while on the right are St. Bernard and St. Zenobius. Overhead are two angels supporting a long festoon, and still higher the arms of the Florentine community.

Painted in 1485 for the Hall of the Otto in the Palazzo della Sibnoria in Florence.

THE ADORATION OF THE MAGI A composition of more than thirty figures, ” each of which contributes by its action and movement to the general harmony of the lines; whilst the variety of race, the realism of various faces and forms, and the animation of expression and motion, contribute to the comparative perfection of the whole, developing all the branches of progress peculiar to the Florentine School of the time, and carrying out rules introduced by Fra Filippo and improved by Fra Bartolommeo ” (C. and C.).

Painted in 1496 for the Convent of San Donato degli Scopetini.