Painter/Artist: Fabriano da Gentile

Umbrain School. Worked in Venice, Florence, and Rome.


THE ADORATION OF THE MAGI The Virgin sits at the door of a stable on the extreme left, with St. Anne and St. Elizabeth standing behind her, and St. Joseph with the ox at his side beyond her on her left. The Child on her left knee leans forward, placing His left hand on the head of the aged Caspar, who kneels low before Him in profile. In the centre foreground stands Melchior, a youth in the most elaborate costume, and on his right, half kneeling, is Baltasar. The right foreground is filled by two horses and a large dog, beyond which are crowded the retinues of the Kings, both mounted and unmounted, and in the centre background (the top of the picture being framed in three round arches) more horsemen are seen on rising ground.

Painted in 1423 for the Church of Santa Trinita at Florence. This is the only important picture by Fabriano existing.


THE MADONNA AND SAINTS On a gold ground. The Virgin is seated on a bench between two small conventional trees, in the foliage of each of which are arranged like blossoms seven winged angels with musical instruments. The Child stands on her right knee, supported by both her hands as she turns slightly to left, His left hand on her neck, and his right uplifted blessing the small figure of the donor kneeling in the left foreground. Beyond, on the left, St. Nicholas in mitre and pall stands facing to right, his left hand raised over the donor’s head. On the right stands St. Catherine, nearly in profile, holding erect in her right hand a small palm branch.