Painter/Artist: Eugene Delacroix

French School. Leader of the romantic painters in opposition to the classicalism of David.


THE EXECUTION OF THE DOGE MARINO FALIERO The headless corpse lies along the foreground at the foot of the broad marble staircase-” the Giants’ Staircase “-in the Ducal palace. A crowd of figures are grouped upon the landing at the top.

Painted in 1826, and exhibited at the Salon, 1827. Purchased in 1868 for L4,000.

This was a favourite picture of the artist. He sent it to London for exhibition after the Salon was closed.


DANTE AND VIRGIL IN HELL Virgil, in a red cloak, his head wreathed with laurel, stands facing us in a boat, with Dante on his left, who stretches out his arm in dismay at the sight of the damned writhing in the waves. On the right is the boatman. back to us, wielding his oar. In the background flames.

Painted within a few weeks and exhibited at the Salon in 1822. “I have just rid myself of a tiresome task,” the artist wrote to a friend, “which has taken up all my time for the last two and a half months. It is rather a considerable picture, which is going to figure in the Salon. I was very anxious to have something exhibited this year, and the step I am taking may be a decisive one. Thiers wrote of this picture: “No work discloses more plainly the future career of a great painter. He casts his figures, groups them, bends them at his will, with the boldness of Michelangelo and the fecundity of Rubens.” It was bought by the State, but for no more than 1,200 francs.