Painter/Artist: David Teniers

Flemish School. Influenced by Rubens and Brouwer. A most brilliant painter of small pictures of genre. A great many of his pictures are in public galleries, especially at Madrid and Petrograd.


THE PRODIGAL SON AT DINNER A group of ten figures in contemporary Dutch costume. The table is set at a tavern door in a village, backed by a highwooden paling, against which two musicians are standing. The inn-keeper stands in the doorway on the extreme left, and his wife is near him with her back to us. The hero is on the left side of the table, and is holding out his right hand as he turns to take a cup of wine from the pot-boy. Two young women are seated at the table, one of whom, with her back to us, converses with an old woman standing at her right. In the foreground are a small dog and various objects, completing a purely natural scene.

Signed and dated 1644


AN OLD WOMAN PEALING A PEAR An interior; a large oven to the left, the woman seated in front, and various objects distributed about the room. Formerly in the Hesse Kassel Gallery, and afterwards in the collections of Jerome Buonaparte and General Meyot.

Purchased in 1870.