Painter/Artist: Boucher

French School. Appointed in 1765 Premier peintre du roi. The protege and confidential adviser of Madame de Pompadour.


MADAME DE POMPADOUR Whole length, standing full face, leaning slightly to the left with her arm on a pedestal, the left arm hanging at her side. In a rich dress with a very full skirt.

Painted for Madame de Pompadour, who kept it all her life.

LE COUCHER DE SOLEIL These great decorative paintings, which are now hung on the staircase at Hertford House, were ordered in 1748 for designs for tapestry to be executed by the Manufacture Royale des Gobelins. They were exhibited at the Salon in 1753.

“Elles sont le plus grand effort du peintre, les deux grandes machines de son oeuvre.” (Edmond and Jules du Goncourt.)


MADAME DE POMPADOUR. Three-quarter length, reclining on a sofa facing us, leaning to our right, her left elbow on the sofa cushion, her right hand in her lap holding au open book. The head turned slightly to our left, the eyes still farther. She wears an elaborate blue silk dress, cut low at the neck, trimmed with lilac ribbons and white lace.

Bequeathed by Lady Murray, 1861.