Painter/Artist: Bondone di Giotto


MADONNA AND CHILD WITH ANGELS The Virgin, full face, in a white robe, is enthroned, holding the Child on her knees in a pink tunic. In the foreground are two angels offering vases of flowers, the Magdalene with a jar of perfumes in her hand, and other saints.

Painted in 1334 for the Frari Umiliati d’Ognissanti in Florence.


ST. FRANCIS RECEIVING THE STIGMATA A large picture with a gable top. At the foot of a steep mountain rising towards the left St. Francis, in the brown habit of a monk, kneels on his right knee, turned half to our right with uplifted hands. He looks upwards at the Saviour, who appears in the heavens (to the right) supported on six wings, with rays emanating from His wounds, and falling on the hands and feet and breast of the Saint. On the slope of the mountain three trees at equal distances, and on the right and left a small building. Below in three small compartments are the vision of Pope Innocent HL, the same Pope sanctioning the Order of St. Francis, and St. Francis preaching to the birds. Inscribed ” Opus Jocti Fiorentini.” Painted for the Church of San Francesco at Pisa.