Painter/Artist: Antonio Pisano

School of Verona. Called Pisanello. Pupil of Stefano da Zevio, and influenced by Gentile da Fabriano. Chiefly famous as a medallist, his pictures being very few.


ST. ANTHONY AND ST. GEORGE The two men stand facing each other on the bare ground in front of a pine wood, the sky-line of which is on a level with their throats. St. Anthony on the left, with a very long white beard, in a brown cloak over a reddish gown and cowl, his gaze fixed on the other as he holds out his little golden bell in his left hand and grasps his staff under his arm with his right. A boar lies on his left side. St. George on the right in silvered armour and a very broad-brimmed Tuscan hat. His back is slightly turned towards us, showing a cross on a kind of cloak or tabard which hangs from beneath his shoulder-pieces. He is looking down at St. Anthony’s bell. At his side lies the dragon, and over his shoulder are seen two horses’ heads. The sky is nearly filled by a golden glory containing the Virgin and Child. Presented by Lady Eastlake in 1867.

THE VISION OF 5T. EUSTACE To the left the saint in a gold tunic and blue head-dress on a horse covered with trappings; facing him (to the right) a stag with the cruci fied Saviour between the horns. The background is a landscape of wood and rocks, through which runs a small stream. In the foreground a greyhound is chasing a hare, and various other animals and birds are disposed about the landscape, including another stag on the left and a bear among the rocks on the right. Above the wood in the distance are pelicans and swans in a marshy landscape.

Purchased from the Earl of Ashburnham in 1895.