Painter/Artist: Angelo Bronzino

Florentine School. Angelo Allori, called Il Bronzino. He painted many portraits of the Medici family, which are still preserved at Florence. One is in the National Gallery (No. 1323) – Piero de Medici.


AN ALLEGORY Venus reclining on a piece of blue drapery on the ground, with the apple of discord in her hand, turns her head to kiss Cupid, who is kneeling behind her. Folly, unconsciously treading on a thorn, is preparing to throw a handful of roses at them. A Harpy, offering a honeycomb with one hand, is holding her sting behind her in the other. Behind is Time about to coverall with a veil. In the left lower corner are some doves; in the right some human masks.

Painted for Francois I. of France.

PORTRAIT OF A BOY This familiar full-length figure in a red tunic is now catalogued as by Francesco Rossi.


THE DESCENT OF CHRIST INTO LIAIBO Christ advances towards the left, His left hand holding a standard and His right resting on the arm of an old man. He is followed by a large crowd of men and women. In the foreground are the blessed, amongst whom, according to Vasari, are the painters Pontormo and Bacchiaca, and on the right two beautiful women,Costanza Doni and CamillaTebaldi del Corno. In the background, a sombre landscape, are seen demons in flames.

Painted in 1552 for the chapel of Giovanni Zanchini in the Church of Santa Croce, Florence.