Painter/Artist: Andrea Orcagna

Florentine School. Andrea di Cione, called Orcagna. Pupil of Andrea Pisano. With the exception of the altarpiece, noticed below, and another in Santa Maria Novella, Florence, all his paintings are frescoes.


THE CORONATION OF THE VIRGIN A triptych. In the centre Christ crowning the Virgin. Behind them a throne hung with blue and gold brocade patterned with birds. Two angels in scarlet stand left and right, and below are twelve more, eight of them kneeling, playing musical instruments.

In each wing (1.68 x 1.12) are twenty-four saints kneeling in tiers, amongst whom is St. Peter with a model of the Church of San Pietro Maggiore in Florence, for which the picture was painted.

Nos. 570-578 (each 0.92 x o.48) are also portions of this altar-piece.