Painter/Artist: Albrecht Altdorfer

German School. Pupil of Albrecht Durer.


THE VIRGIN AND CHILD IN A GLORY In the centre of the picture the Virgin sits on a cloud, facing us, holding the Child with both hands, as He stands in the act of blessing, His left hand holding a rosary. Below the cloud is an exquisite landscape, with a lake in the centre and mountains on either side. The upper surface of the cloud, which recedes into a dazzling brilliance in the distance, is thronged with a mass of angelic figures in various acts of adoration, Overhead two child angels hold a crown above the Virgin’s head. Signed with a monogram. Painted about 1530.

THE BIRTH OF THE VIRGIN St. Anne sits facing us in a large bed, which is placed (on the extreme left) in the north aisle of a large church; three of the lofty pillars of the nave stand in the middle distance, beyond which and to the right is seen the interior of the choir and of the rest of the building. In the centre foreground, at the foot of the bed, and beside a wooden cradle, a woman is seated facing us with the infant Virgin on her knee, who is looking up at an angel who swings a censer overhead, in the centre of a great circle of child angels, hand in hand, the farther edge of which reaches far out beyond the pillars into the nave. In the right foreground is the large half-length figure of St. Joachim in profile, his hat on his head, and his staff over his shoulder, carrying a bundle. Painted about 1530.