Painter/Artist: Albert Cuyp

Dutch School. Pupil of his father, Jacob Gerritz Cuyp, of Dordrecht. Painted all kinds of subjects, but it is his treatment of landscapes in glowing sunlight for which he is alone famous. Fourteen examples are in the National Gallery and eleven in the Wallace Collection.



A sunny evening by a river. To the right a man with his back to us in a red coat, on a grey horse, is talking to a woman, pointing across to the left. Two cows, some sheep, and a dog complete this group, which is relieved against a sloping hill. On the left a river, on the far bank of which three riders are watering their horses.

“A chef d’oeuvre of this master.” (Eastlake.) Purchased with the Angerstein Collection in 1824.

“THE LARGE DORT.” In the background is Dordrecht, with the Cathedral, Town Hall, and two mills. In the foreground four cows, and to the right a woman pouring milk from a small barrel into a brass can. A child holding a dog is watching her, and behind them, against the clear golden sky, are two shepherds and sheep.

Wynn Ellis Bequest, 1876.

“THE SMALL DORT.” Evening. Five cows and a herdsman in a meadow. Dordrecht in the distance.

Wynn Ellis Bequest, 1876.


LANDSCAPE Large. In the right foreground six cows in a meadow; on the left a shep herd blowing a pipe, and two children and a dog listening to him. In the middle distance a river, beyond which is seen a church tower and other buildings. To the right, on the slope of a hill, some sheep and three shepherds.

“Grouped in an admirable way, this picture is truer than any other by Cuyp, as far as the shape and colouring of the animals are concerned, while the light keeps its usual sweetness and power.”(Waagen.)