Painter/Artist: Adrian van Ostade

Dutch School. Pupil of Hals. Painter of small subject pictures.


THE ALCHYMIST Along room in perspective in deep shadow on the left. In the right foreground surrounded by implements is the old chemist in a peaked hat blowing the bellows at a furnace to heat a crucible. Two children and an old woman in the background.

Signed and dated 1661.

Purchased from the Peel Collection in 1829.


BUYING FISH “A woman buying fish at the door of a cottage. The composition consists of a female (on the right, at the door of a house which forms the background) with a child in her arms, whose attention is directed towards a man occupied cleaning a haddock on a form; another fish of the same kind lies near him; and on the farther side of the bench are a youth and a child looking on. The figures are seen to the knees. This picture is distinguished for its breadth of effect and brilliancy of colour.” (Smith.) Signed and dated 1661,


THE SCHOOLMASTER The master is seated in an armchair in the centre threatening a weeping boy with his ferrule. On either side of him are two children and an infant. At the right of the picture, at the foot of a staircase on which is a little boy with a basket on his head, is a group of children playing. At the left a child in a large hat is reading, and in the background others are at their lessons.

This little picture changed hands no less than four times between 1767 and 1784 for over 6,000 livres.