Luca Della Robbia – Chronological List Of Works

Two gilded figures for the grand cornice of the Cantoria 1433 Competition for a colossal statue 1437 Five historical bas-reliefs for the Campanile 1438 Two altars for the Cathedral, Florence 1432 Tabernacle of Peretola 1443 Bas-relief of the Resurrection (Cathedral, Florence) 1446 Bas-relief of the Ascension (Cathedral, Florence) 1446 Contract for the bronze doors (Cathedral, Florence) 1448 Two statues for the sacristy (Cathedral, Florence) 1448 Ceiling of the Chapel of the Crucifixion at S. Miniato 1448? Crucifix of S. Miniato al Monte 1449 A small figure to be placed over the door of the ” Cancelleria dei Priori” in Florence 1449 Madonna d’ Urbino 1450 Decoration of the Pazzi Chapel in Florence 1452? Madonna dell’ Agnolo 1455 Decoration of the ceiling of Cardinal di Portogallo’s chapel at S. Miniato 1455-59 Sepulchral monument of Bishop Federighi 1455 ? Madonna di S. Pier di Buon Consiglio 1455-63 Madonna of Or San Michele 1460-70 Medallion of the Silk Merchants (Or S. Michele) 1460-70 Monuments at Impruneta 1463 Medallion of the Council of Masons (Or S. Michele) 1460-70 Medallions at the Serristori Palace, formerly in the Quaratesi Palace 1470-80 Decoration of the Pazzi Chapel in Florence 1470-80 Decoration of the Chapel of S. Job, Venice Ornaments of the Portico of the Pazzi Chapel Lunette of God the Father (Museum of the Duomo)