John Constable – Chronology Of The Artist’s

1776. Born at East Bergholt, Suffolk, on June 11th.

1792. Began to work as a miller.

1794. Made the acquaintance of Sir George Beaumont.

1795. First visit to London to study art. 1797. Again at work in his father’s mills.

1799. Entered the Royal Academy Schools, Feb. 4th.

1802. First exhibited at the R.A.—a small Landscape.

1803. Voyage from London to Deal on an East Indiaman.

1804. Painted an altarpiece for Brantham Church.

1806. Visited the English Lakes.

1809. Painted an altarpiece for Nayland Church.

1814. Painted Boat Building.

1816. Married, on October 2nd, to Miss Maria Bicknell.

1819. Exhibited Scene on the River Stour (The White Horse). Elected A.R.A. in November.

1820. Took a house on Hampstead Heath.

1821. Exhibited The Hay-Wain.

1822. Exhibited Salisbury Cathedral from the Bishop’s Garden.

1823. Visited Sir George Beaumont in Leicester-shire.

1824. The Hay-Wain and two other pictures exhibited in Paris.

1825. The White Horse exhibited at Lille.

1826. Exhibited The Cornfield and The Glebe Farm.

1828. Death of his wife, on November 23rd.

1829. Elected R.A., February 10th. Made a start upon his English Landscape, finally completed in 1833.

1830. Exhibited A Dell in Helmingham Park and Hampstead Heath.

1831. Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows. (The Rainbow.)

1832. The Opening of Waterloo Bridge. Death of Archdeacon Fisher.

1833. Lecture on “An Outline of the History of Landscape Painting” at Hampstead.

1834. Visited Arundel and Petworth.

1835. The Valley Farm.

1836. The Cenotaph and Stonehenge. Delivered four lectures at the Royal Institution.

1837. Sudden death during the night of March 31st. Burial at Hampstead. His unfinished Arundel Mill exhibited at the R.A. The Cornfield presented to the National Gallery by a number of his admirers.