Holland Pottery

The earliest marks found upon pieces produced at Delft date from about 1600, a century and a half after the introduction of Chinese porcelain into Europe, although some authors carry its existence back to 1310. It is best known by its copies of Chinese and Japanese porcelain. The best work was done about the commencement of the XVIIth century. The quality of the Delft is finer than any other European faience ; in some cases it almost rivals the Chinese porcelain ; lustred pieces were also produced at Delft. It is remarkable that Delft and the factories of Germany should have attained such perfection, through the efforts of individuals alone, without any assistance from noble patronage or donation. It is an error to sup-pose that the factory at Delft was founded by Italians ; it undoubtedly owes its origin to Germany, and its first works were produced by German artists.